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“Je ne sais quoi”, or, I know not what

31 May

Today, is my first day of “training” for my first France trip.  No, I am not out walking, I do that on a regular basis.  I intend to walk and absorb everything that I can on my first trip to Paris and Provence.

My “training” is for  blogging on a regular basis.  OK, as you may have guessed, I am new to the world of blogging. I have yet to define what regular basis will be. Everything starts with one small step . . .

“Je ne sais quoi” seems to describe my blogging adventure, and my first travel adventure to Europe. Although I am quite the planner and organizer, I have made a leap of faith in my decision to embrace both of these learning experiences. I am learning to let go and “know not what” all the answers and outcomes are before I leap.